A contest to find BENEFITS logo and slogan

The BENEFITS partners have organised a contest to propose an identity and brand for the project from January 15th to February 18th 2013.

In order to be allowed to participate, the only requirement was to be enrolled in any of the training programs offered at the universities of Greenwich or Exeter or CESI, and design a logo and a short text (4 words in English and 6 words in French) to brand the project.

The winner has been selected by a jury of 12 people (Benefits partners’ staff members), whose decision was based on the following criteria: aesthetic quality, creativity and relevance of the caption, with no particular requirement re the colours. The key words were: innovation, entrepreneurship, equity, SMEs, social, competences, and territories development.

The winner was a student at Exeter University, William Selby, and has been awarded his prize (an iPad) on July 16th at Exeter during his graduation.

The thought process behind the logo, as explained to Anna Trifilova, Exeter University and researcher in the BENEFITS project: “The thought process behind the logo was to capture the integration and collaboration that BENEFITS stands for. Although simplistic, it aims to take a metaphorical stance whereby the Union Jack’s cross represents the enterprising aid that the body will supply. In this instance the blue and red of the French flag represent the meeting of two nations split by the channel, hence the slogan ‘Enterprising Channel Relations’.” William Selby


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