Innovation and entrepreneurship

WP2 – Analysing the innovation fitness and adaptability of men and organisations

Opening the students’ and graduates’ communities to entrepreneurship and SME’s world in crossing the know-how and aspirations of the different academic domains (Engineering, Business, Fine Arts) and the 2 French and UK approaches vis-à-vis innovation, so as to establish an environment for a more balanced and consensual territory, keeping in mind that human data is essential.

Action 2.1 : Supporting the development of the entrepreneur’s professional identity ; the life project of the entrepreneur is a key factor for having his/her project successful. Designing an “entrepreneur’s profile” based on studying 75 success stories and 75 failures in France and the UK.

Action 2.2 : Development of an exchange platform for students work placements, giving prominence to the non-technical deliverables of the placement (company environment) for a better integration of the student. 60 companies will be involved and we will use the Exeter toolset innovation fitness for companies and people. Adapting and improving this toolset, based on the new transnational data.

Action 2.3 : Testing 10 potential company creation, 5 in France and 5 in the UK, using the tools developed in WPS 1 and 2. Links with incubation agencies

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