Skills management

WP1 – Setting up the actors’ network and exchange programme on a transnational basis

It is a question of integrating the institutional bodies, the joint professional groups and the companies more closely with the
higher education system, emphasizing the SMEs which are the keystone to economic local development, by comparing 2
French and UK sysmes which have been proven successful (work/study programmes in France with for instance 72% of the
CESI graduates in the North West who stay in their region and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) in the UK). These
systems need to renew themselves and to be rethought of following the cuts in the budgets of large industrial and institutional
partners which were supporting them.

Action 1.1: Investigating the characteristics of KTPs (Knowledge Transfer Partneships) and work/study programmes in higher education, in terms of costs for the students, companies, universities, communities; establishment of a data base of indicators for measuring the performance of the higher education system re the final aim (maintaining the competences within the region) and value for money. Possibility of transferring the know-how to the other side of the Channel (difficulty, hurdles to be overcome, actions to be put in place).

Action 1.2 : Putting in place an information exchange system (peer-learning) whose methodology needs to be jointly worked out, taking into account the geography.

Action 1.3 : Set up of a matrix for analyzing the needs of the different stakeholders (students, companies, universities, development agencies, joint bodies, public authorities) following the turmoil brought in by the successive crisis, notably that of 2008. Survey methodology (questionnaires, for groups, individuals, numbers to be worked out and analytical grid).

Action 1.4 : Establishment of a road map for the identified stakeholders, notably the regional public authorities involved in this approach.


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