Project results

This section contains the reports summarizing the research conducted for the BENEFITS project. The main actions of the Interreg projects are divided into work packages. The BENEFITS project consists of 3 work packages (WP) .

The various documents can be downloaded in french or in english by clicking on the links.

WP1 – Setting up the actors’ network and exchange programme on a transnational basis.

Road map for patner interested by work-study engineering programmes:
BENEFITS-WP1-Rapport dispositif alternance_Fr
BENEFITS-WP1-Report work-study engineering programmes_GB


WP2 – Analysing the innovation fitness and adaptability of men and organisations.

Educational of accompaniment process of entrepreneurs in his professional project and recommendations to the attention of his companion:
Rapport WP2-1 2012-2015 V15 FR
Report WP2-1 2012-2015 V15 GB

Professional identity of entrepreneur defined by the following points : competence, relationship with others, relationship with to oneself, relationship to his project life, value posture:

BENEFITS-WP2.1-Accompagnement des jeunes créateurs_Fr
BENEFITS-WP2.1-Accompaniment of young entrepreneurs_GB

Measuring the maturity level of SMEs’ in innovation:
BENEFITS-WP2.2-Rapport Innovation PME_Fr
BENEFITS-WP2.2-Report innovation SMEs_GB


WP3 – Modelling the different business process and the interactions between processes when developing innovation products.

State of the art about PLM research:

Development of models of business processes and knowledge management:

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